In 2005 I graduated from the Danish School of Design in Copenhagen, within  production design. Music videos and animation became the platform where I experimented and bulit my graphic universes. Always keeping in mind that I wanted to avoid the generic look that digital graphic design sometimes can be subjected to, sensuality and poetry has always been the main focus in my work. I seek perfection of form and composition but the surface needs to live unruly like nature itself.

TV is volatile and I wanted to bring home my beautiful scenes and keep looking at them. Eventually I started experimenting with designs crafted by more classic approaches, but mixing them with a digital frame look. Through my love for materials, interior design became a growing passion and one day Plexiforest was created as a natural combination of all my visions. The inspiration for the  Plexiforest universe derives from paper doll theaters we used to make, when I was a child. As a designer I re-discovered the joy of composing motives and playing with layers. My childhood is full of memories of Scandinavian nature, and this strong relationship with natural areas has taken form of the graphic abstraction i call Plexiforest. 

All Plexiforests are handmade and signed in Copenhagen, Denmark.